Get To Know LIT2LIFT

Jonady St.Germain, Co-Founder of LIT2LIFT

Jonady St.Germain is a local Boston resident with a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science degree from Bridgewater State University. Jonady is an ACE certified personal trainer, and in the 2 years that he has been training he has helped over 100 clients with their fitness journeys. On Jonady’s own fitness journey, he has managed to keep off the 60lbs he lost after college and still continues to push his physical boundaries day by day. He has undergone various struggles and obstacles in his life, which he is proud to discuss in order to allow others to learn and grow from them as well. With the creation of LIT2LIFT, he aspires to motivate individuals of all ages, from all different walks of life, to become their best self in and out of the gym.


Darren Stephens, Co-Founder of LIT2LIFT  
Darren Stephens is a fitness enthusiast who graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Major in Business Management and a minor in Health Science. After graduating in 2018, Darren has been able to focus on his personal fitness goals. Last year, his goals were to be under 12% body fat year around, and increase his overall strength, while improving his lower body flexibility. He was able to achieve all of these goals by being consistent with eating healthy foods and sticking to a strict workout routine. Currently Darren is training to become an electrician but that does not stop his love for fitness!  Darren feels that LIT2LIFT has been one of many blessings; his hopes are to use LIT2LIFT as a platform to inspire individuals searching for a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Tauryn Dargan, COO of LIT2LIFT  

Tauryn graduated in 2018 with her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology (aka Neuroscience) from Boston College. She is currently a first year Master's candidate in Tufts School of Medicine's Masters of Biomedical Sciences program. Her life is a true testament to the power of a healthy lifestyle. In the past few years, she has managed to lose almost 40 pounds, and has seen a massive, positive change in her mental health, academics, skin/hair, and overall happiness. She joined the LIT2LIFT team early on, and assumed the position of COO by the summer of 2017. She hopes to use her knowledge of fitness, and love of art and social interaction to take LIT2LIFT to new levels. She also hopes to explore the connections between fitness and neuroscience/medicine during her future years of medical school, as she ultimately trains to be a neurosurgeon.  

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